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Check the credit scoring of your present and future partners!
What is behind Creditsky ?
Meet Creditsky engine: Elcano

Elcano aggregates large amounts of data into machine learning algorithms to make an instantaneous credit decision and assess creditworthiness.

Creditsky gives aid to all businesses

Due to machine learning algorithms and instantaneous calculation ability, Credit Sky can be useful to the great corporations and, also, to the start-ups.

Why Creditsky ?

Creditsky is not just a data analytics software, Creditsky is people, risk free decisions and a helping hand when choosing your future partners. Here are just a few reasons to take Critsky into consideration.

Instant Analysis

Due to the Elcano Model, we can offer you an instant credit analysis thus stopping you from loosing any time waiting in line for the reports.

Online Interaction

Owing to the Creditsky operating mode, all the interaction is on line, which saves you a lot of time.

Detailed Reports

Creditsky reports are not containing only the limit and the credit scoring. They offer other information such as the turnover, gross and net revenue, debts, employees’ number etc.

Market Research

Avoid the difficulty of choosing your future partners using the complex Creditsky reports. You have now the possibility to choose the perfect companies for your business.


Creditsky clients can choose also the funding through our factoring platform. Visit Invoicecash for more information concerning your financing.

Data Accuracy

Creditsky reports have up to 98% accuracy, with a very competitive low price. We are able to offer these services because of the use of machine learning algorithms which facilitate the process.

% Accuracy
F1 Score
How it works ?

Creditsky is very easy to use. Obtain a complex report in just 3 easy steps.

Create an account

It takes you only 2 minutes to create an account. Fill in the form and validate your email address.

Choose a subscription

You can choose any of the subscriptions we offer. Please opt in for the most suitable one for you.

Generate reports

After creating an account and buying a subscription, you will be able to generate the reports which will help your business with your present and future partners.

Our Team

Although we work with technology and robots we value people. Meet our team, one of the most compact and robust team we could ever hoped for.

Our pricing
25 / month
125 / month
250 / month
750 / month
1,500 / month
Credits amount 50 Credits 250 Credits 500 Credits 1500 Credits 3000 Credits
Simple interrogations
Credit limit + Credit score
Simple interrogations
Credit limit + Credit score + Financials
Complex interrogations
Case studies
Training courses
Tech support
Promotions 250 / year 1,250 / year 2,500 / year 7,500 / year 15,000 / year
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